Direct Cremation Worthing and Surrounding Areas

An option without a funeral service or ceremony

Direct cremation in Worthing from AG Morriss Funeral Directors at £1,048.00 plus third party fees is a simple, low-cost cremation service that takes place without a funeral service or ceremony. The deceased is cremated in a private ceremony and the ashes are returned to the family or designated individual.

Simple and Dignified

Direct cremation is becoming increasingly popular in the UK, as more people look for affordable and practical ways to say goodbye to their loved ones. It can be a good option for people who want a simple, dignified cremation without the expense and formality of a traditional funeral.

If you're considering direct cremation in Worthing or surrounding areas, AG Morriss Funeral Directors are able to offer a dignified and affordable non attended funeral option.

Direct Cremation/Non Attended Funeral

£1,048.00 plus third party fees
  • What's Included:
  • Professional Services* - Providing a 24-hour service and support to our families. Arranging and managing any funeral related requirements, up to and including the funeral and providing an advisory service thereafter.
  • Arranging the cremation at either my private office in Worthing or in comfort of your own home
  • To personally bring the deceased into my care within 20 miles radius (out of normal office hours – additional charge of £250)
  • Care and preparation of the deceased including visiting in the private Chapel, limited to Monday – Friday office hours only.
  • To personally convey the deceased in our private vehicle directly to a local crematorium, with NO service. Funeral date chosen by the Funeral Director.
  • Wood effect coffin with six handles and engraved nameplate.
  • To personally deliver the cremated remains within 20 miles radius or collection from my office
  • The full cost is payable in advance of this service being provided.

Third party fees are as follows:

A fee of £82.00 may be charged for the Doctor to complete cremation certificate.
Cremation fee at Worthing Crematorium, Findon - £520.00 or Arun Crematorium, Yapton - £370.00.

A brief summary:

A simple way to say goodbye to your loved one

An affordable option for those on a budget

You may plan your own memorial service or celebration of life

Direct cremation can be arranged quickly and easily

Choosing Direct Cremation in Worthing

If you are considering a direct cremation, established funeral director AG Morriss Funeral Service are highly regarded in Worthing and the wider Sussex area. We will arrange for the collection of the deceased and their transportation to the crematorium. The cremation will take place at a local Crematorium in Sussex, and the ashes will be returned to you within several days.

With direct cremation you can choose to have a memorial service or celebration of life at any time after the cremation. This can be a way to share memories of your loved one with family and friends.

Direct cremation is a dignified and affordable way to say goodbye to your loved one. If you are looking for a simple, practical option for your funeral arrangements, direct cremation may be the right choice for you.

direct cremation worthing from AG Morriss Funeral Directors

What is Direct Cremation?

Direct cremations are cremations without a funeral service, there are no attendees and no ceremony.

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