When someone you love becomes a memory, that memory becomes a treasure.

Ashes into Glass ® is the leading creator of ashes jewellery for our clients in the UK and worldwide. Fine jewellery for you to connect with your loved one by wearing it or just holding it in your hand.

Traditional Craftsmanship

We use traditional methods combined with our own patented process to create beautiful ashes jewellery as a lasting tribute to the one you hold dear.

We believe that the beauty of such important jewellery should endure to be passed down through generations.

The patented prices in which Ashes to Glass ® gemstones are made gives them rare qualities of beauty and durablity. Multiple layers of molten coloured and crystal glass together with the ashes gives the stone wonderful dimension and depth.

The stone is also toughened and its beauty will last, reflecting the timeless bond you share with your loved one.

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